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For almost 30 years, Datatek has been helping businesses reduce their IT costs while increasing their flexibility by providing low risk solutions for platform database, and programming language migrations. Our focus has always been to implement ways for companies to retain their large, multi-year investments in their IT operations. To achieve that goal, Datatek offers alternatives beyond the “all or nothing” migration approach that many vendors take. Datatek’s goal is to always offer the solution which makes the best business sense for the customer in terms of cost, time, risk, and practicality.

Customized automation is the fundamental backbone of Datatek’s solutions. By utilizing automation, businesses can be migrated in a fraction of the time it would take to complete manually. The inconsistencies and errors that are introduced by large numbers of programmers are replaced with consistent and reliable results. But Datatek does more than provide automated solutions that then need large amounts of work to make them maintainable, Datatek improves upon these benefits by customizing each automation. This customization results in a final migrated product which is much more maintainable and desirable as defined by the client.

Datatek has put together a team with deep technical expertise, so it can understand the real issues that the customer has to contend as well as being able to offer practical solutions to them. Its staff is extremely knowledgeable in a large number of system platforms, databases, and programming languages. Operating from that solid core of experience, Datatek has provided services to both Global and Fortune 500 companies.

Company History

Datatek, Inc. has been performing database and programming language conversions since 1992. In that time, Datatek has worked with hierarchical, network and relational databases, and a considerable number of programming languages including PL/I, Fortran, COBOL, C, C++, C#, Java, DYL, and various assemblers. Most of these projects have been complete systems migrations, often involving database, scripting, and multiple language conversions, as well as the integration of third-party products.

Initially, Datatek started as a system migration company which migrated businesses from proprietary legacy platforms to Open Systems. As our system migration business matured, more clients looked beyond migrating their application from one hardware platform to another. Businesses were trying to resolve issues with staff availability and flexibility and saw those problems resolved through language consolidation and modernization.

Datatek addressed this need by developing automated language converters which are customized to each customer’s requirements. The converters use a modular component approach consisting of parsers, optimizers, client-specific code modifiers, and code generators which allows Datatek to reuse components, decreasing the development time for new language conversions. During conversions, Datatek’s project-specific time is mainly spent modifying its optimizers and client-specific code modifiers to accommodate and match the coding style and requests of the customer.

In addition to the conversion/migration business, Datatek has developed a number of products to facilitate specific platform migrations. These include a relational database (Datatek/SQL), a hierarchal database (TBAM), a full-featured sort product (TBAM-Sort), a batch/print queue manager (Datatek/QM), an automated SQL database loader (Datatek/SQL-Loader), a binary file viewer (Datatek Browse), a bisynchronous interface controller (Datatek/RJE), an Open System label tape manager (Datatek/Label), an office automation product (Intuitive Office), and a text editor (SAID). Specialized utility-like solutions have also been developed to solve “unique” client problems. These solutions range from credit card transaction processing modules to customized Unix STREAMS modules.

Datatek is undeniably an industry expert in platform, database, and language migrations. Known for their prompt and reliable support, Datatek is an obvious choice for your IT needs.

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