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As businesses begin planning a migration of their systems, they find they are unable to determine all the specific functionality of their systems due to the depth, complexity, and age of their code base. This is why businesses need ForesightSM. Datatek’s fully customizable, automated, code analysis service, ForesightSM, delivers customized reports to help you gain a real understanding of your systems and code. With the right knowledge in hand, you can make better decisions regarding your migration.

The ForesightSM Advantage

Since Datatek’s ForesightSM service uses a compiler’s point of view, your source code is analyzed in its entirety, not just line by line or file by file. This allows for the extraction of information from your source code based on your needs for your migration.

Datatek Foresight - Code Calls Graph

Call Tree Graph

Datatek ForesightSM Example Reports

The following are representative of just some of the custom reports requested by various clients:

Scoping Analysis

  • Asset Statistics Report - Scoping report including the number of lines of code, executable code, macro usage and other statistical information relating to the size of the asset.
  • Unneeded Module Report - Report containing a list of all unused modules and macros based on both the source code and JCL or scripts executing that code.
  • Call Trees - Call Trees include all of the calls made by a given routine and subsequent calls below it. Various trees can be used to gather an abundance of information, like information about common areas which could be eliminated, for example.
  • Routine Reports - For each routine, a report will be generated that defines all of the fields that the routine requires for input and what it modifies for output.
  • File I/O Report - For each file, a report will be generated that lists every routine and line number where the file is written or read.
  • Complexity Report - A report containing modules that are expected to require a complete re-engineering, major hand coding, or slight or no modification from the converter.

Multi-Language and Language Specific Reports

  • [ASM] Macro Usage Report - Reports each instance of macro use and the parameters used in that invocation. Additionally, parameters that are not used in any invocation of the macro are identified.
  • [PL/I] Nested Subroutine Report - Reports on extent and depth of nested subroutine usage across the code base. Used to determine complexity and to assist in refactoring efforts.
  • [ALL] Cross Language, Cross Module Reporting - Because Datatek ForesightSM supports multiple languages, it is able to perform its information gathering functions across all of the languages that make up your code base.

Breakdown Reports

These reports assist in providing technical information of how your source code should be converted to another language by dividing sections of code into sub-applications for conversion, testing, and deployment.

  • Program Flow Analysis - Determination of minimum sub-applications contents based upon the call sequence for modules.
  • Data Flow Analysis - Determination of minimum sub-applications contents based upon the data fed or being produced.
  • Technical Sub-Application Proposal - Report showing the breakdown of sub-applications based on program flow and data flow analysis.

Additional Reports

Because of Datatek’s process in fully analysing the code, we are able to customize reports to give back the data that you need for your decision making process. Anything that is contained in the code, Datatek is able to extract. Frequently, in migrations, there is a specific suspected area of risk that Datatek can evaluate and quantify to ensure your migration is successful.

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