Datatek/SQL Family: Relational Database Products

Datatek’s Datatek/SQL product line provides a migration path to an Open Systems environment for Data General (DG) DG/SQL users. The product line includes:

  • Datatek/SQL, a high-performance, highly reliable DG/SQL compatible relational data manager.
  • Datatek/SQL-Net, a connectivity product that allows the interoperability between databases on multiple Datatek/SQL systems from within an application.
  • Datatek/SQL-Loader, a set of utilities that allows the user to create and load data from various file formats into any major vendor’s SQL database.

Migrated DG/SQL applications allow companies to retain their investment made in the development of applications and the training of end users. The new source code will be very similar to the DG/SQL source code, thereby allowing programmers to be immediately productive in the new Open Systems environment. End users will also be immediately productive, since they will continue to work with the same applications. Additionally, database administrators will not need to learn a new set of tools and tuning parameters, since the utilities are the same as with DG/SQL. Realize the cost benefits of Open Systems while continuing to take advantage of the high performance features of DG/SQL by migrating today.


Datatek/SQL Features & Benefits

Very Large User Counts

Datatek/SQL supports more than 500 users per system in real world environments (not just in the benchmarking lab).

Multiple Databases on the Same System

Supports as many databases as your application logically requires, without any performance degradation or the purchasing of additional licenses.

Fuzzy Checkpointing

Checkpoints the database on a continual basis, eliminating the impact of performance degradation caused by a checkpoint.

Excellent Locking Mechanism for Better Concurrency

Locks are tuned to maximize concurrency while ensuring consistency. Read-only transactions never obtain a lock.

Sophisticated Query Optimizer

Chooses the best optimization regardless of the complexity of the query.

Two-phase Commit

Provides consistency for applications distributed across multiple hosts.

Advanced Recovery Features

Recovers at a region level if desired. Tunable parameters are available to tradeoff between runtime performance and recovery time.

Precompilers for C, COBOL, FORTRAN, and PL/1

Allows embedded SQL statements from a variety of programming languages.

Tuning Tools

Database administrators have access to the familiar utilities SQL-Tune and SQL-Monitor to maximize the performance of your application.


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