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Many companies are completely reliant on their COBOL applications for daily operations. These COBOL applications have been fine tuned for the needs of the business, however many of them reside on legacy hardware platforms which are expensive to support and which lack competitive features found in more current environments. Although COBOL is available on many hardware platforms, a complicating factor with legacy systems is that the COBOL is integrated with legacy subsystems such as CICS and VSAM.

To help companies like your’s transition to more current platforms while retaining the significant investment you’ve made in your COBOL code, Datatek has developed a sophisticated tool-set and a highly customizable process for the automated migration of COBOL applications. For those businesses looking to move away from COBOL, Datatek can automatically convert the COBOL to a more modern language such as C, C++, COBOL, C#, Java, etc.

We Handle All Aspects & Features Used In Your Code

The following is just a brief list of some of the COBOL functionality that we are frequently asked if we can convert:

  • File handling (i.e. line sequential files, record varying files)
  • Data types (Character, Fixed Point Binary, Packed & Zoned Decimal, Group, Table, Variable-length Table, …)
  • Legacy subsystems (CICS, VSAM, etc.)
  • Declaratives
  • Perform variations
  • Screen handling

We handle all aspects and features used in your application’s COBOL code and we convert it into consistent, maintainable code in the target language.

For Over 15 Years, Customers Have Entrusted Us With Their Most Valuable Assets

Datatek has been successfully performing automated language conversions and system migrations since 1994. We’ve performed over a hundred application conversions and complete system migrations customizing the process for each client’s needs. During that time, Datatek has successfully converted millions of lines of COBOL. Because we bring a high level of knowledge, experience and skill to the table, we can assist you in crafting the right solution for your project. Let us put our experience and insight to work for you!

Success Stories

State Government Agency

A state government agency wanted to migrate from their proprietary platform to a Linux environment and have their data accessible using an ODBC interface. Their application was written in the hardware vendor’s proprietary COBOL and script/macro language. Their data was stored using the hardware vendor’s hierarchical data manager.

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