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Discover How Datatek Helped A Major American Retailer Save $900,000 Per Year!

An OS/390 to AIX System Migration Case Study
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20 Questions Your Code Conversion Partner Better Have a Good Answer For

Use this check list when talking with other potential code conversion partners. If they don't have good answers for these questions, you'd better find another partner!
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All Automated Solutions Are NOT Created Equal

5 Ways Datatek’s Automated Language Conversion Services Will Benefit Your Company
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Discover 5 Ways an Automated Language Conversion Can Save Your Company Both Time And Money

Manual rewrites are notorious for time and materials (T&M) cost-overruns, endless delays, lost or broken functionality, redesigns, long debugging cycles and other nightmares. Whether you outsource a manual conversion or rewrite in-house, these and other problems are a serious threat to a successful conversion. But what other option do you have?
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Language Conversion & System Migration Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many questions regarding our services and the conversion and migration processes can be found here.
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