TBAM Family: Hierarchical Database Products

Datatek’s Transaction-Based Access Method (TBAM) product line provides a migration path to an Open Systems environment for Data General (DG) INFOS users. The product line includes:

  • TBAM, a high performance, highly reliable replacement data manager for Data General’s INFOS II.
  • TBAM-Net, a connectivity product that allows the interoperability between databases on multiple TBAM and DG INFOS systems.
  • TBAM-Sort, a sorting and data manipulation application that emulates DG/Sort.
  • TBAM Dump/Load, a data extractor, manipulator, and loader for TBAM databases.

Migrated TBAM applications allow companies to retain their investment made in the development of applications and the training of end users. The migrate source code will be very similar to the INFOS source code, thereby allowing programmers to be immediately productive in the new Open Systems environment. End users will also be immediately productive, since they will continue to work with the same applications. TBAM supports all INFOS functionality, in addition to supporting new features that increase functionality, reliability, and performance. Realize the cost benefits of Open Systems today.

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