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For over 30 years, Datatek has been helping businesses improve their IT systems by providing cost-effective, low risk, automated solutions for platform, database, and programming language migrations. Our focus has always been to find ways for companies to retain the large investments they have made over the years in their IT operations. Part of that focus, is to offer alternatives beyond the “all or nothing” migration approach that many vendors tend to take. Datatek’s goal is to always offer a solution which makes the best business sense for the customer in terms of cost, time, practicality, and risk.

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Language Conversions

  • Consolidating languages?
  • Porting your application to another OS?
  • Want to eliminate licencing costs?
  • Locked into the mainframe?
  • Need access to newer technology?

Datatek has successfully converted over 50 million lines of legacy code including various assemblers, PL/I, C, C++, COBOL, Fortran, DYL280 & many more!

System Migrations

  • Trying to move off a legacy system such as IBM, Unisys, DG…?
  • Looking to reduce your TCO?
  • Want to retain the years of investment already made in your legacy system?
  • Desire increased performance and flexibility?

Datatek’s automated system migrations provide a safe, quick and cost effective approach to system migration.

One of the Highest Success Rates in the Industry

Since our first automated conversion in 1994, we have continued to refine our sophisticated tool set by adding new conversion capabilities and support for additional programming languages. On average, our conversion specialists have over 10 years of experience in automated migrations. As a result, Datatek has achieved a 96% project success rate — one of the highest in the industry! Compared to the industry success rate for system migration/conversion projects of between 20-40%,1 we are very proud of the results we have been able to deliver to our clients.

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1 Based on data from the Robbins-Goia Survey, the Conference Board Survey, the KPMG Canada Survey, the CHAOS Report, the OASIS Survey, and Datatek’s own observations over 30 years of system migration work.

News & Current Projects

  • Datatek has completed phase one of a multi-year Mainframe Assembler to Java conversion with the customer's deployment of maintainable, object-oriented Java code. This project which has largely been driven by cost-savings through MIPS offload to zIIP specialty engines also includes elements of mainframe rehosting as the migration approach has had sufficient granularity to identify and allow eligible transaction groups to be hosted other platforms.
  • Datatek wins bid to convert SCDMV's AAMVA's application from COBOL to C#.
  • Datatek's announces version 2.0 of DTK/Transact, Datatek's .NET based CICS replacement framework, providing enhanced support for Visual COBOL and C# based transaction interoperability
  • Datatek completes pseudo-code generation and analysis of mainframe COBOL and assembler for premiere U.S. Accounting Firm.
  • Datatek releases Foresight enhancements, allowing additional statistics and metrics and higher levels of detail in module-to-module visualizations.
  • Discover How Datatek Helped a Major American Retailer Save $900,000 Per Year!

Success Stories

Fortune 1000 Financial Services

A Fortune 1000 financial software and data center services provider wanted to migrate from their legacy platform to an Open System environment. Their software suite was written in a combination of PL/I, Assembler ...

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