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Successful, Maintainable, Fixed-Cost Assembler Conversions

In the past, there were many advantages to coding business applications in Assembler, however they came with a cost. Companies are now locked-in to specific hardware platforms, putting them at a competitive disadvantage by not being able to employ newer and lower-cost technologies. Additionally, the base of experienced Assembler talent is continuing to decrease, creating the risk of having fewer qualified personnel to support these applications.

To help companies like your’s transition to more current and transportable languages while retaining the significant investment you’ve made in your Assembler code, Datatek has developed a sophisticated tool-set and a highly customizable process for the automated conversion of Assembler to high-level languages such as C, C++, COBOL, C#, Java, etc.


Consider The Benefits Of Converting Your Assembler

  • Break free from hardware platform lock-in
  • Retain the substantial investment made in your Assembler code base
  • Gain access to a larger pool of developers
  • Regain a competitive advantage by employing newer and lower-cost technologies

We Handle All Aspects & Features Used In Your Code

The following is just a brief list of some of the Assembler functionality that we are frequently asked if we can convert:

  • Sections (DSECT/CSECT)
  • Data types (Zoned/Packed Decimal, Binary, Float, Character, Half/Full Word, Address...)
  • Macros
  • Modifying instructions during runtime (self-modifying code)
  • Memory overlaps via ORG
  • Generating instructions at runtime (self-generating code)
  • System call functionality (System Macros/SVCs)
  • Condition codes (mnemonic, hard coded values, ...)
  • EBCDIC/ASCII transformations
  • EXECUTE instruction
  • 24 bit mode
  • Multiple instruction consolidation to single statements
  • Elimination of unused labels
  • USING/DROP instructions
  • EDIT Masks
  • Comments especially as code gets consolidated
  • Bit Shift/Set/Test instructions

We handle all aspects and features used in your application’s Assembler code and we convert it into consistent, maintainable code in the target language.


Customization, customization, customization...

We can’t stress that word enough. We have found that the only way to automatically convert Assembler to maintainable code is by customizing our converter for each client. Datatek’s conversions are not simply one-for-one instruction translations. In fact, they are extremely complex transformations that are performed against entire files taking into account how your programmers have written your code. The end result — structured and maintainable code that adheres to your coding standards.

For Over 15 Years, Customers Have Entrusted Us With Their Most Valuable Assets

Datatek has been successfully performing automated language conversions and system migrations since 1994. We’ve performed over a hundred application conversions and complete system migrations customizing the process for each client’s needs. During that time, Datatek has successfully converted millions of lines of Assembler code. Because we bring a high level of knowledge, experience and skill to the table, we can assist you in crafting the right solution for your project. Let us put our experience and insight to work for you!

Success Stories

Fortune 1000 Advertising Subsidiary

A Fortune 1000 Advertising subsidiary specializing in direct mail wanted to migrate from their IBM mainframe to a Windows environment. Their software suite was written in Assembler and COBOL. Datatek converted the Assembler to Microfocus COBOL taking into account integration issues with the client’s migrated COBOL.

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