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Datatek has been providing automated programming language conversions for over 30 years. As the demand for conversion to other languages increased, Datatek wrote the parsers, optimizers, client-specific code modifiers, and code generators necessary to successfully move customers from legacy languages to the requested languages.

We have developed automated converters for many languages (supporting numerous dialects/vendor-specific functionality) including Assembler, C/C++, COBOL, DYL, Fortran, PL/I, JCL, and CLI. If the language(s) you need to convert don't appear in the list above, don’t hesitate to call! Because of the modular approach used in developing our automated converters, we typically can produce converters in relatively short time frames. For example, Datatek was able to develop a DYL to COBOL converter for a major American retailer within the time frame of the project and convert all of their DYL for almost half the cost of existing solutions from other providers!

Typically, the easiest way to obtain a customized solution is to call or email Datatek. Once contacted, a Datatek specialist will provide you with an overview of the options available.

Discover how Datatek helped a Major American Retailer save $900,000 per year - download the case study!

For Over 15 Years, Customers Have Entrusted Us With Their Most Valuable Assets

Datatek has been successfully performing automated language conversions and system migrations since 1994. We’ve performed over a hundred application conversions and complete system migrations customizing the process for each client’s needs. Because of this, we bring a high level of knowledge, experience and skill to the table so that we can assist you in crafting the right solution for your project. Let us put our experience and insight to work for you!

In a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost, Datatek can deliver a functionally equivalent, maintainable application — successfully.

Success Stories

Fortune 1000 Specialty Retailer

A Fortune 1000 specialty retailer wanted to migrate their legacy IBM Mainframe applications to an Open Systems platform. Their software suite was written in a combination of DYL280, COBOL, and Assembler.…

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