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The ability to interchange data with legacy mainframes via tape can be a requirement for some Open System sites. Datatek/Label is a utility that allows IBM and ANSI label tapes to be read and written on Open Systems. An API is also available that provides for the integration of labeled tape I/O into applications.


Many legacy systems provided additional support for termservers. For example, vendors provided the ability to “hard-wire” a termserver connection to a particular device within the operating system. With this ability, businesses programmed their applications such that certain functionality was only accessible from/to particular devices. Open Systems, though, tend not to support these types of termserver integration features. Datatek/TM is an Open System based solution for businesses who want to continue to make use of specific operating system/termserver integration.


While many corporations have modified their communications applications to use TCP/IP, many still require SNA connectivity for batch transfer of data to/from an IBM mainframe. Although this functionality was built into many legacy systems, it tends not to be built into Open System solutions.

Datatek/RJE will give you the RJE functionality necessary for managing the sending and receiving of data, using the RJE protocol.

Some RJE Features That Datatek/RJE Supports Are:
  • The ability to monitor the RJE process and acquire statistical information concerning the RJE process
  • Sending and receiving data
  • Dialing via a bisync modem
  • Data compression, which will increase the data transfer speed

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