TBAM-Sort: A Data Manipulation Product

Datatek’s TBAM-Sort is a powerful data manipulation and sorting tool. TBAM-Sort allows you to conditionally retrieve and sort records, merge multiple files, and optionally modify record formats and their contents. TBAM-Sort supports the same syntax as DG/SORT and works with a variety of file formats, including TBAM databases.

Some Of TBAM-Sort’s Features Include:

  • Insert / Delete / Duplicate / Rearrange data record fields
  • Replace existing data record fields with smaller or larger fields
  • Perform standard translations (e.g., ASCII to EBCDIC)
  • Create customized translation tables
  • Convert record types (e.g., variable length records to fixed length)
  • Conditionally skip records
  • Sort on custom collating sequences
  • Remove duplicate records

TBAM-Sort supports an easy-to-use scripting language, which allows the extraction and reformatting of data using a script containing only a few lines, thus eliminating the need to write custom data extractor/manipulator programs. For more information about TBAM-Sort, contact a Datatek representative.

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