TBAM: A Hierarchical Data Manager

Datatek’s Transaction-Based Access Method (TBAM) data manager is a high-performance, highly reliable replacement for Data General’s INFOS II and is available on Open Systems, including AIX, HPUX, DG/UX, Solaris, and Linux. TBAM supports all of the INFOS features on which your business application depends, while also removing many of the existing INFOS limitations/restrictions. Switching to newer and faster Open Systems hardware, coupled with the performance features of TBAM, can give you a phenomenal boost in speed and response time. What took hours to run on a Data General MV can now take minutes.

Some of TBAM’s Improvements Over INFOS:

  • Improved recovery
  • Improved checkpointing
  • Improvements in partial records, space management, record management, file and record locking, and database management utilities
  • Ability to add transactions
  • Ability to add a volume on the fly
  • Ability to obtain information about a locked record
  • Ability to retain COBOL INFOS statements and library calls

Additional Benefits of TBAM

With TBAM, you can realize the cost benefits of Open Systems today, rather than months or years from now. Since your application does not change, you retain the investment in your application and the people that develop and use it. Your programmers don’t have to learn a new language, data model, or data format, and your users don’t have to learn a new set of applications. Contact a Datatek representative for more information.

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