TBAM Benefits Over INFOS

INFOS II Compatibility

TBAM supports all of the INFOS features on which your business application depends, without the annoying restrictions that require costly database rebuilds. Since AOS/VS COBOL had an embedded interface for INFOS, Datatek ships TBAM with a COBOL precompiler, which allows Data General COBOL programmers to continue programming using the COBOL INFOS statements with which they are familiar. Additionally, TBAM supports the INFOS library calls that were available in the other Data General languages.

Turbocharged Performance

Switching to newer and faster Open Systems hardware, coupled with the performance features of TBAM can give you a phenomenal boost in speed and response time. What took hours to run on an MV can now take minutes.

Full Recoverability

The improved recovery features of TBAM offer important cost savings benefits. You no longer have costly delays caused by INFOS checkpointing. With TBAM's soft recovery feature you will have minimal downtime after a power failure. Even if a disk drive fails, you don't have to waste time re-entering data from the current day's business.


TBAM also allows your programmers to add relational-like recovery and logical consistency features to your application with transactions that can span multiple databases. Using transactions, your applications can treat multiple database operations as one logical operation. TBAM has full support for commits and rollbacks.

Improved INFOS Features

TBAM has also improved upon a number of INFOS features. For instance, if you needed to add another volume to an INFOS database, you had to spend time dumping and reloading the entire database. With TBAM, you can add volumes on the fly. Improvements have been made in numerous areas including partial records, space management, record management, file and record locking, and database management utilities. In addition, applications that cannot access a record due to it being locked by another process can now retrieve information about the locking process.

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