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AOS/VS Migration Services

With the increasing lack of available hardware and software support for Data General’s proprietary operating system, AOS/VS, companies have become understandably concerned about the business risks associated with relying on an unsupported platform. Businesses are faced with the dilemma of what action to take — should they try to migrate their applications on their own or should they switch to a packaged solution, an alternative that could require extensive customization as well as changes to how their business is run.

CLI/CLI32 Conversions

Datatek’s CLI/CLI32 automated conversion service can convert CLI macros to other scripting languages. These automated conversion services make use of Datatek-developed tools, which process and analyze macro files similar to the DG CLI interpreter.

The following is just a brief list of some of the CLI/CLI32 functionality that is supported by Datatek’s conversion services:

  • File/Pathname/Device conversion
  • Pseudomacros
  • Environment Levels
  • Horizontal/Vertical argument expansion
  • Comments via inaccessible code
  • Dummy Arguments/Switches
  • Queue support (Datatek/QM)

For over 15 years, Datatek has used its suite of products and tools to quickly and cost-effectively move AOS/VS user applications, data files, and CLI macros to Open Systems. Datatek has tools that will retrieve and convert data from any AOS/VS file format, including files on archived systems. By migrating each application and its AOS/VS components, businesses eliminate the costs of retraining their users, thereby retaining the investment made in their original applications. Contact the AOS/VS migration experts at Datatek to discuss your migration options.

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Data General is now a division of EMC Corporation.

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